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Chestnut Hill Book Festival - July 2010
"How to Sew on a Button"
How to Sew on a Button
Hands–on Demonstration
July 10, 2010     2:30 p.m.
Fabrics on the Hill
8434 Germantown Ave.
          Philadelphia, PA 19118            

Meet the author of
Hand Mending Made Easy
Nan L. Ides


Check out the Hand Mending Made Easy review by the award winning, 
syndicated writer of RealStyle

Classes, workshops, conferences:

Live in the Hartford, CT area and want to take a mending class?

 Would you like to teach a mending class?
 Make it easy by following the chapters of the book.
If interested, contact me for a sample agenda.

Check out the CT American Sewing Guild at:

Check back for more listings!

Some Fun Hints and Suggestions
  • Use double thread when sewing on buttons, snaps and hooks.
  • To save time and frustration in an emergency, always keep one or two needles threaded with black and/or white thread.
  •  Use a thread 18”-20” (or 36”- 40” if doubling) long when hemming or doing other hand mending. Longer thread can knot, tangle or fray.
  • Cover up a frayed shirt cuff edge – if the lower edge of a cuff if frayed, add a narrow ribbon or decorative braid trim.

Gift ideas
Create a personalized gift by wrapping up the book in a decorative sewing basket with related mending supplies. Spend as much or as little as you wish by adding just the basics or more specialized sewing tools. Be creative –think about including hand lotions, some unique buttons, inexpensive reading (sewing/mending) glasses and/or even some fancy yarns or specialty threads.
  • Graduation from 8th, 12th and college
  • Wedding gift basket –  bridesmaids gifts
  • Senior centers – seniors on a fixed income
  • Holiday stocking stuffers
  • Summer camp kit
  • First time away-from-home kit
  • Military/boot camp
  • House warming or 1st apartment/home
  • College students
  • Travel - hotels/camping 

Tell your story!
Did you learn to use any simple hand mending skills to save money – hemming, sewing on buttons? Did you make a gift or craft item by using simple hand mending skills?